our mission

01. knowledge as safety

Each parachute system undergoes a thorough and careful inspection. You get the benefit of continuous study on components and techniques.  

02. an accurate resource

No two parachutes or skydivers are exactly alike. You're the expert at your style of skydiving. We help provide you with the equipment expertise you need to support it.


03. your confidence

We're committed to getting you out the door without a second thought about your gear.

In 1978, my boss said he'd help me get my FAA Rigger certificate.


There's almost nothing the same between the parachutes we packed back then and the ones we jump now, except that I loved working on them. It's been exciting to be part of five decades of skydiving equipment development. I still look forward to every day I get to work in the loft.


Rigging takes patience, understanding, and--most important--a love of parachutes and the people who use them. Add to that the desire to amaze you with good service, and you've got Rahlmo's Rigging.

Kevin Gibson, owner

Rahlmo Enterprises LLC

Rahlmo's RIgging


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