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Rigging Innovations CURV 2.0

Velocity Sports Equipment Infinity

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Sunpath Javelin


Performance Designs mains and reserves

Icarus Canopies mains and reserves

Airtec Cypres, Vigil, and M-2 AAD

Tony Suits

Come to the loft at Skydive Orange!



equipment needs evaluation with new and used gear consulting

"sock seminar" continuing education program

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No matter where it comes from, getting the best possible parachute on your back, ready to jump.

Parachutes packed perfectly.



From equipment to body flight, how to better enjoy each skydive.

"Skydivers are--first--parachutists," to quote an old friend. Your rig is integral to your success. Give it the time it deserves!


in mind this week--

The term "pin check" leaves lots to desire. Look closely at your rig and your buddy's before each jump three times: before and after putting it on and just before exit. I've seen two near catastrophes--ironically, both involving reserve pins--just in the last two weeks. Both should have been caught, 1. by checking, and 2. by checking more closely. Don't be shy about giving and getting gear checks!

in the news--

Icarus S-Fire to demo at Skydive Orange!

We are the demo center for the region. Come check out this able competitor to the PD Sabre 2! (Rahlmo's Rigging sells them too.)


Icarus Fall Sale

Three great canopies: Safire 2 and Crossfire 2 for 10 percent off. With a Nano reserve, 15% off both.



Providing you confidence, control, and comfort on every skydive.


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Custom technical knowledge to focus on your individual needs.